9 things you should consider when choosing chatbots

11.november 2018

By 2020, 25% of customer service and support operations will benefit from chatbots. It claims research by Gartner Consulting Firm. however, According to the questionnaire made for Chatbots.org, customers are divided into the view how very chatbots are Useful. Around 53% of respondents say they are partly effective to inefficient, while the remaining 47% say they are effective or very effective.


Here are 9 things you should consider when choosing a Chatbotov.

1. yes: use Chatboty for easier interaction

With current technology, Chatbots works best with relatively straightforward interaction. This is for Example. A simple requirement for the weather Forecast. These interactions are those that you have with the customer often and typically occur at the beginning of the sales funnel. The options will improve over Time. For now, however, I prefer to ostaňme in straightforward, simple applications.

2. no: use chatbots where there is no demand

It is tempted to run chatbot only to have a new technology. however, If you use it in the wrong situation, this excitement can quickly turn into Frustration. Before you decide to use chatbot, make sure it’s the best Approach. You should also be sufficiently confident that your customers use the new technology, at least after a certain amount of time that you have spent preparing.

3. Yes: use naturally sounding language

To arrange for the chatbot to act in human interaction is quite a challenge. But it’s worth the extra effort. An unnatural sounding language can confuse customers and scare off them from your Website. The ideal situation is when your customers do not know that they are chatting with chatbotom. So if you don’t tell them yourself before.

4. No: Use Chatboty for sensitive data

Some situations require human access, especially those that have strong emotions. In practice it may be such a complaint or complaint. If your business frequently deals with sensitive topics, you should avoid chatbotuing now. At least until the technology improves.

5th yes: Be honest about the use of chatbots

Although you want to chatbot behave naturally as a person, you should not hide the fact that you use it for customer service. Be honest and if people ask you, give them more information about TECHNOLOGY. In addition to increasing customer confidence, your target audience will forgive you more if chatbot is not at standard level
Customer Service.

6. No: use of fully automatic Chatbotov to handle sensitive information

Be cautious about using Chatbotov to collect sensitive personal information, such as credit card Information. This should only be done with the use of hybrid chatbotov, where one has constant control over the Conversation. With a good safe mechanism and interaction in the backend system, there are a number of opportunities to effectively collect sensitive information with the support of artificial intelligence. Customers should be able to change their address or credit card information without any PROBLEMS.

7. Yes: Connect your chatbot with a human representative

While Chatboty can be first in contact with the customer, make sure that they always can reach a human representative if Necessary. Make sure that your virtual Assistant is able to connect to the customer directly and send the information you have already collected.

8th No: Testing Too many things at once

Although the solution to virtual customer service in one would be amazing, trying to do too many things with Chatbotom can confuse your customers as well as your Bota. With current technology It is better to stick to one or two relatively simple tasks.

9th Yes: Connect chatbot with other business systems

Chatboty should not exist in the Power. instead, they should be linked to other relevant business Systems. The customer chatbot may be for Example. Associated with customer management System. The virtual assistant that reserves the meeting should have access to the calendar. otherwise, you may have inconsistent information, frustrated customers and extra Work. When virtual assistants and other business systems are linked, they can significantly
Strengthen one another.

Chatbot can be the perfect solution for your business. Creating a truly useful chatbota, however, can be a challenge. By following these 9 tips, you can make sure that your chatbot is useful for your company and especially for your customers.

Source: chatbotnewsdaily.com