How artificial intelligence improves chatbots for companies

12.november 2018

Only a few years back to lead a „conversation“ with a computer in the human language was quite unique and at the same time frustrated the comedy experience. Today, however, it is different. Although language processing (hereafter NLP) and speech recognition are far from perfection, thanks to the algorithms in machine learning we get increasingly closer to the point where it will be harder to tell if a person or computer is talking to us on the other side of the screen…

Companies benefit from this with an increasing number of Chatbotovs, usually used in customer services. However, it also increases their involvement in the internal process and assisted in training. NLP will be very important for companies. The foundations change the way we provide services, how we understand sales processes and how we deal with marketing. Especially on social networks you need NLP to understand sentiment in marketing messages and how people perceive your brand.

Of course, this raises problems and one of them is whether people actually want to chat with the computer. From a corporate perspective it makes sense. It is much cheaper to handle 1000 simultaneous customer conversations using Chatbotov than with a huge customer center full of people. However, the end-user only wants a quick reply.

Originally, people thought they wanted to talk to man, because the alternative was to click through 10 minutes through the menu or listen through the phone 10 options and then press the number to select. It is not pleasant, fast and not even useful. One study found that 40% of large companies in the USA have implemented this technology in some form or do so by 2019. Among them, 46% claim to use NLP for voice or text dictation, 14% on customer service and 10% for additional analysts.

As with the total artificial intelligence, the evolution of NLP is far from perfection and the level of conversation we are able to have today, will be a few years without a doubt outdated and unnatural. However, today, organizations clearly become pohodlnejšími with the idea of integrating chatboty and intelligent assistants into their processes. They believe this will lead to efficiency and customer satisfaction.