5 innovative chatbots on the web

13.november 2018

If you have ever used customer support in the form of Livechatu, you may have already experienced the strange, suspicious feeling that the person with whom you are writing is in fact a robot. As in many movies, where the bots tried to manifest emotion, but never made it to 100% failed, Chatboty are doing the same. Most of the Chatbotov on the internet are trying to sound human, but it doesn’t make them completely. However, the amount of Chatbotov you find on the Internet is a few that come out of line. Today we will focus on those that provide better customer service, save money and benefit users…



Alzheimer is one of the najzákernejších diseases that people can suffer from. This is why the Russian company Endurance has developed its chatbot companion. Many people with Alzheimer suffer from short-term memory outages. Therefore Chatbot from Endurance is used to determine the deviations in conversations that can serve to identify the problem with the immediate mention. This is quite an ambitious technological challenge for a system based on natural language processing (NLP).

Because Chatbot is based on the cloud, doctors and family members can evaluate the communication log from Chatbotu to identify potential degradation of memory and communicate obstacles that may mean worsening of the patient’s fitness.

The interesting thing is that so far the unnamed conversational bot is currently an open-source project, which means that everyone can contribute to the development of the project. The project is still in the early stages, however, has the potential to help scientists and health professionals in a better understanding of how Alzheimer affects the brain. The Russian version is already available, while the English is expected sometime this year.



Chatboty are mainly used for customer service. However, this did not stop the great Disney from using technology to increase engagement in youth, as it did at Chatbote, which included a figure from the animated film Zootopia.


Disney invited fans of the film to solve crimes with Poručíčkou Judy Hoops, Zajačou Protagonistkou film. Children could help Poručíčke Hopps to investigate the mysteries similar to the films that explored the methods of detection based on user input. Users can provide recommendations for the investigation to which chatbot, pardon Judy, responds.


When you look at it, this is a total creative way of using Chatbotov, which we will surely see in the coming years.



So far, with the exception of Endurance, the Chatbotov looked like a cool innovation. However, the international non-profit of UNICEF uses Chatboty to help people in developing countries by giving them a voice in najurgentnejších needs.


Bot, called U-Report, focuses on large data collection using the survey. The U-Report regularly sends upcoming polls in the range of urgent social problems and users (known as U-reporters) can answer their inputs. UNICEF then uses this feedback as the basis for potential recommendations for regulations.


As one significant use, it will serve the case where the U-Report sent a poll to Liberia. The question was: Do teachers give students better signs in exchange for sex?Approximately 86% of the 13-thousand Liberian children replied that the teachers practised this unfair activity. This led to a joint project between UNICEF and the Libérijským Ministry of Education, which was to be terminated.



MedWhat aims to make health diagnoses faster, easier and more transparent for both the patient and the physician. Chatbot from MedWhat is powered by a sophisticated machine learning system. He offers more accurate answers to questions based on behaviour that learns through interaction with people.


Chatbot also acquires data from a huge volume of medical research and examines the scientific work that widens already a large number of medical expertise. In many ways, MedWhat is more closer to the virtual assistant (like Google Now) than to a chat agent. It also presents an exciting area of chatbot development that combines intelligent NLP systems with machine learning technology to provide accurate and responsive experience.



If you are a marketer, you know how important it is to assign leads. Roof Ai is a chatbot that helps real estate marketers automate and assign potential leads on Facebook. Bot identifies potential leads through Facebook and subsequently responds instantly in a friendly, auxiliary and conversational tone that is similar to the human counterpart (in some cases even better). Based on Roof Ai inputs, prijíme potential leads to provide more information and assign them to the sales agent upon their adoption.


One of the key advantages of Roof Ai is that it allows real estate agents to respond to the demands of people immediately, regardless of whether an employee of the company is available. This can have a dramatic impact on conversion rates. It also eliminates potential loss of lead if no one is available in sufficient time. Overall, the Roof Ai is a pretty accurate bot that would have many real estate agents definitely appreciated.